ADDED ON: 12/01/2019

North Vancouver filmmaker documents transgender model’s transition

11/30/2019 | North Shore News

It was close to coffee break time on a construction job when Kas Baker’s phone buzzed and an unfamiliar voice made an extraordinary request. Would he step in front of a movie camera and talk about being a transgender man? The guys at work didn’t know he was transgender. Baker figured it was better that way. His friends, the ones who did know, called him a science experiment. “And that was coming from my friends,” he says. When he was at Argyle Secondary, Baker identified as a lesbian. It didn’t quite fit but it was what he had. “I was completely isolated in a straight, cisgender white community and I felt angry and alone and knew something was wrong for so long,” he reflects. There were booze and pills and bad thoughts. Some days he’d turn the music loud enough that no one could hear him hit his head against the wall. It wasn’t that he wanted to feel pain; it was that he didn’t want to feel.


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