ADDED ON: 10/04/2019

No, there’s no such thing as ‘rapid onset gender dysphoria’

10/03/2019 | Pink News

Australian experts have debunked ‘rapid onset gender dysphoria’ in a strongly-worded position statement. The phrase emerged in 2018 and posits that a “social and peer contagion” is responsible for young people identifying as trans, as opposed to growing acceptance and understanding. ‘Rapid onset gender dysphoria’ is used by some journalists and online activists to suggest that trans teenagers, particularly teenage trans boys, are not trans but lesbians or girls with mental-health problems who – usually in “clusters” – declare themselves to be trans boys “after exposure with their peers to suggestions they are ‘trapped in the wrong body’”. Reiterating that the phrase comes from a single 2018 study and that there is no reliable evidence that it exists, the Australian Professional Association for Trans Health (AusPATH) said it does not recognise ROGD – and neither does any other major health organisation.


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