ADDED ON: 05/09/2019

No Outsiders’ teacher to lead Birmingham Pride parade

05/08/2019 | BBC

A teacher whose lesson programme covering LGBT relationships has been at the centre of protests will lead a parade during Birmingham Pride. Andrew Moffat started the ‘No Outsiders’ lessons at Parkfield Community School in the city. Parents – largely of the Muslim faith – have campaigned against the lessons at schools across the city, arguing it goes against their religious beliefs. Pride organisers said there was “no-one better” to lead the city’s parade. Festival director Lawrence Barton said Mr Moffat had been asked to lead the parade in light of the “division which the controversy over ‘No Outsiders’ lessons has created”. He said the programme was “doing excellent work in helping children to learn about and understand the world around them”. Mr Moffat said he was “overjoyed” to be invited to lead the parade, which will go through the city centre to the gay village on 25 May. “The message I want to give is that it’s not a case of Muslims versus LGBT or different cultures not getting along,” he said.


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