ADDED ON: 07/17/2018

No One Will Give Job to a Hijra Even Now: Punjab’s First Transgender Member in National Lok Adalat

07/16/2018 | The Indian Express

Abandoned by her parents when she was just thirteen, Mohini Mahant (53), a transgender from Ludhiana, became the first from LGBT community to be selected as a member of a bench of National Lok Adalat in Punjab Saturday. But a day of being a jurist at district courts in Ludhiana hasn’t changed anything in her life, except for some fame and respectful gestures by others at the court. Mohini still asks the same question: Will she now get a job as per her qualification? On Sunday, she was back to singing, dancing to seek wadhaiyaan (cash benevolence gifts) from family in her neighborhood that recetly welcomed a newborn boy in their home. Dancing to dholak beats, she had her earnings for the day arranged. Speaking to The Indian Express, Mohini, a masters degree holder in public administration and social work, said, “I am very happy that I was a jurist for a day. But still no one will give a job to a hijra.”


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