ADDED ON: 02/25/2023

No longer a ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill: Utah lawmaker updates proposal after LGBTQ community raises concerns

02/24/2023 | The Salt Lake Tribune

A Utah lawmaker says he has listened to concerns from the LGBTQ community and updated a bill that had been a close copy of the law in Florida nationally branded as the “Don’t Say Gay” measure. HB550 from Rep. Jeff Stenquist, R-Draper, would still prohibit any discussion of sexuality in kindergarten through third grade classrooms. But it has removed the proposed ban on the topics of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” That makes the bill less stringent and means words like “gay” or “lesbian” are not off limits when someone, including an educator, speaks about relationships — though, Stenquist said, discussions should still be age-appropriate.


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