ADDED ON: 11/02/2020

Nigeria’s first LGBTQ online streaming platform launches

11/02/2020 | NoStringsNG

With the country’s anti-gay laws in place, pro-LGBT media contents especially films, are often censored and banned, making it difficult for members of the community to see their realities mirrored on screen. So, to bridge this gap, Equality Hub has just launched EhTv Network, an online streaming platform for premium on-demand Nigerian LGBTQ-themed content. Similar to other international mainstream online streaming platforms such as Netflix and the likes, users will have to sign up and then pay a fee to gain access to content on the website. According to the organization, the overall aim of the initiative is to showcase Nigerian-made LGBTQ-themed content and to accurately tell stories about the lived realities of LGBTQ people living in Nigeria. Currently, the platform offers podcasts, documentaries, and films such as ‘Queer Talks’ ‘Under the Rainbow’ ‘ìfé’, and others.


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