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Nigerian lesbian: I need to marry a gay man

03/13/2019 | Erasing 76 Crimes

In Nigeria, many LGBTI persons grow anxious as they get older and confront pressures from their families and society to get married. They can’t simply marry the people they love because Nigeria’s anti-gay law outlaws same-sex marriage. They’re deprived of the basic human right to live their lives with their loved ones. That’s the predicament Liz described “My family, especially my mother, has been on my neck to bring a man home for marriage. It is just too much to deal with. In fact, it was too much that I had to move from Lagos to Abuja where I had hoped to get some peace of mind.” Her solution “I have decided to marry a gay man.”


One Response to “Nigerian lesbian: I need to marry a gay man”

  1. Chimdi

    Where can I find this lesbian
    I’m also facing pressure from home to marry.
    I only want to marry a woman who can understand me.
    Please where can I meet her or a lesbian in Nigeria for I’m gay too.
    We could see if we match.
    We could help each other
    We could defend each other
    Understand each other
    Protect each other
    Please help us

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