ADDED ON: 04/18/2021

Nicola Sturgeon pledges action against gay conversion therapy and reaffirms commitment on gender recognition reform

04/18/2021 | Edinburgh News

Last week Boris Johnson disbanded an LGBT advisory panel, which had been appointed by Theresa May when she was prime minister, shortly after three members quit accusing the UK Government of dragging its feet on outlawing conversion therapy. In a speech on Sunday reaffirming a commitment to equal rights and reform of the Gender Recognition Act, Ms Sturgeon said: “And if the UK Government does not take serious action on conversion therapy, an SNP government will bring forward our own legislation to end these discriminatory and harmful practices against LGBT people insofar as the powers of the Scottish Parliament allow.” Mr Johnson has said he would legislate on the issue, but a letter emerged last week in which he suggested churches could “still provide pastoral support (including prayer)… in the exploration of sexual orientation and gender identity”, which campaigners say still counts as conversion therapy.


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