ADDED ON: 11/19/2021

NHS gets green light for game-changing HIV treatment injected just six times a year

11/18/2021 | Pink News

Currently, people living with HIV are offered antiretroviral medicines that must be taken every day to suppress the virus – usually one to four daily pills. Effective treatment reduces a person’s viral load – the amount of virus in their blood – to an undetectable level. When the virus is undetectable, it cannot be transmitted, and a person with HIV can live a long, healthy life. The new treatment approved by England and Wales’ National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and the Scottish Medicines Consortium on Thursday (18 November) is a combination of two jabs taken every two months. Around 13,000 people will be eligible in England, NICE estimated. Many people struggle to take the tablets they need to keep HIV at bay, Matthew Hodson, executive director of HIV outreach charity NAM aidsmap, told PinkNews. The stigma around HIV can discourage people, while others may simply forget.


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