ADDED ON: 11/26/2020

New Zealand School Locked Down Over ‘Credible Threat’ To LGBT+ Student Community

11/26/2020 | Gay Nation

New Zealand’s openly gay Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson has shown his support on social media toward a school in the Nation’s Capital that has been sent into lockdown following a “credible threat” to the LGBT+ student community. Wellington High School, adjacent to the CBD, went into lockdown for about an hour on Thursday morning after police followed up on social media threats. A student at the school has allegedly tipped off the school and the police to messages from a person, that does not attend the school, who was planning a school shooting. Neither the police nor the school have confirmed a link between the student’s tip and the lockdown on Thursday. Police have said the lockdown was in response to threats made on social media, and they were talking to two people in relation to the incident.


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