ADDED ON: 08/05/2020

New Zealand adds gender-neutral title for voters ahead of polls

08/04/2020 | Reuters

New Zealand authorities have added the gender neutral title Mx for voters who do not identify as male or female, seeking to boost LGBT+ participation in next month’s election. Nearly 1,000 people have chosen the gender neutral title since ‘Mx’ was added to voter sign-up forms alongside the existing Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms and ‘other’, an official said on Tuesday. The change was introduced late last year but only received public attention ahead of the Sept. 19 general election. “This is the first time we have included Mx as a title choice on the form,” Electoral Commission spokeswoman Clare Pasley told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in an email. “We want to be inclusive and encourage all New Zealanders to enrol and vote,” she added. The change does not affect ballot papers where voters do not write their title.


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