ADDED ON: 06/27/2020

New York’s Stonewall Inn seeks help to fight closure after lockdown

06/26/2020 | Reuters

The owners of New York City’s Stonewall Inn are appealing for help to save the historic LGBT+ bar from closure after more than three months of not trading due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Greenwich Village bar that gave its name to the 1969 uprising, when its patrons fought back during a police raid, needs to raise $100,000 to stay afloat and has drawn $30,000 since launching the online fundraiser soon after the lockdown began. The demonstrations that followed the raid are widely seen as the dawn of the modern LGBT+ rights movement, making the inn a place of pilgrimage for many in the community. As LGBT+ people prepared to mark Pride this weekend, co-owner Stacy Lentz said the Stonewall Inn was “a living, breathing piece of history”. Lentz said the funds raised would be used “for rent and operational expenses, basically, to keep the lights on”, adding that the bar would be able to reopen on Jul. 6, but only at 50% occupancy.


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