ADDED ON: 09/25/2019

New York City To Repeal Ban On Gay Conversion Therapy

09/24/2019 | Here & Now

The New York City Council is going to repeal its a ban on gay conversion therapy over concern the Supreme Court could end up reversing the law. Gay conversion therapy is the practice of trying to change a person’s sexual orientation from gay to straight. It’s been discredited by the American Psychiatric Association, among other organizations, but it’s still legal in more than 30 states. Despite this repeal, attempting gay conversion therapy on minors will remain illegal in the city thanks to a statewide ban on the practice passed in January, says Speaker of the Council Corey Johnson, who is openly gay and HIV-positive. Johnson says LGBTQ civil rights groups recommended the council repeal the ban in fear that lawsuits filed by anti-LGBTQ groups that claim the law is unconstitutional could elevate to the federal court system, which has become more conservative


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