ADDED ON: 08/18/2019

New survey finds a decrease in homophobic attitudes in Nigeria

08/18/2019 | Gay Times

A survey from The Initiative for Equality Rights has found that homophobic attitudes in Nigeria are decreasing. The survey was last conducted in 2017, and this time it talked to 2,400 residents of the country. Although numbers were still fairly low, they did show that more Nigerians were becoming accepting of the LGBTQ identity. In 2017, only 17% of people believed that LGBTQ people should have the same rights, this has now increased to to 27%. The amount of people who would accept an LGBTQ family member has more than doubled from 13% to 30% and the amount of people in favour of the laws banning same-sex relations has fallen from 91% to 74%. However, despite this rise in accepting attitudes, it appears that the amount of people who know someone LGBTQ has fallen. The amount of people who say they have a gay friend has halved from 14% to 7%. Meanwhile, the amount of people who know someone LGBTQ in the community has more than halved from 39% to 19%.


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