ADDED ON: 10/01/2020

New Polish minister for education and science thinks LGBT+ people ‘aren’t equal to normal people’

09/30/2020 | Pink News

On Wednesday, Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki presented his newly reshuffled cabinet, giving the position of minister for education and science to Przemyslaw Czarnek. In June this year, Czarnek said in a live TV broadcast: “Let us defend the family against this kind of corruption, depravity, absolutely immoral behaviour, let us defend us against the LGBT+ ideology and finish listening to this idiocy about human rights or equality. “These people are not equal to normal people, let’s end this discussion.” In the same broadcast, according to Polish News, he added: “Let’s end the discussion about these LGBT+ abominations, homosexuality, bisexuality, parades of equality.”


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