ADDED ON: 08/05/2018

New LGBT Political Party to Be Founded

08/05/2018 | Jerusalem Post

The founding meeting of a new party solely dedicated to serving the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual community will be held Tuesday in Tel Aviv. The party is being founded by Imri Kalmann, who is the chief executive officer of a marketing company and is a former chairman of the Aguda, the Israeli LGBT Task Force. Kalmann was active in Meretz and even briefly ran for a position as its leader, but said he realized that the only way to truly help the LGBT community was to form a new party. “We have had gay caucuses and lobbying in the Knesset, but they have not been proven effective,” Kalmann said. “We have also had gay MKs in Meretz, the Zionist Union, and Likud, but that was not effective either, because their obligations are to their party more than to our community. We need a party that puts its focus on creating change and advancing our interests in Israeli politics.”


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