ADDED ON: 06/12/2019

New lawyers’ group fights violence and stigma in Cameroon

06/11/2019 | Erasing 76 Crimes

A group of young lawyers and courtroom professionals has founded Defenders Without Borders (Défenseurs Sans Frontières, or DSF), a human rights organization working on behalf of vulnerable Cameroonian citizens, including young women, gay men and lesbians. It also helps victims of discrimination and torture, people subject to arbitrary arrest, and detainees who lack legal and judicial support. Through education and advocacy, DSF aims reduce the frequency of violence and human rights violations against vulnerable people in Cameroonian society. Another of its goals is the reduction of unemployment and illiteracy in the LGBTI community. Stephane Aboa, executive coordinator of DSF, says that goal also addresses the problem of LGBTI people forced to turn to prostitution to survive.


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