ADDED ON: 09/05/2020

New Law Would Make it Illegal for Trans Russians to Change Legal Gender

09/04/2020 | Them.

Russian politicians are weighing a chance to the country’s Family Code that would prevent transgender citizens from changing their legal gender to match their actual gender. The bill is named for Yelena Mizulina, a legislator who took a leadership role with Russia’s “gay propaganda” bill in 2013. That law, which passed with support from Trump ally Vladimir Putin, heavily curtailed the discussion of any LGBTQ+ topics and has been used to persecute queer Russians. Mizulina has also pushed for legislation that would have decriminalized domestic violence. Transgender Russians are already banned from such everyday rights as the ability to drive, but the proposed bill would go even further. It follows a suite of punitive new measures imposed by lawmakers this summer, including Constitutional amendments that banned marriage equality and adoption by same-sex parents. While same-sex marriage was already banned in Russia, the recent amendments now prevent citizens who marry abroad from getting recognition.


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