ADDED ON: 01/07/2019

New Jersey to introduce gender-neutral birth certificates in February

01/06/2019 | Gay Star News

New Jersey birth certificates will have the option of a third, non-binary gender starting on 1 February. Governor Phil Murphy signed this legislation, the Babs Siperstein Bill, into law last July. The bill is named after Babs Siperstein, an Edison, New Jersey resident who became the first transgender person elected to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in 2012. This new law allows parents to choose the non-binary option on birth certificates for their children. It also allows for adults to change the gender marker on their birth or death certificates without proof of reassignment surgery. ‘Just because your sex assigned at birth is one thing, it does not necessarily mean that it is something that’s going to be consistent with your gender identity throughout your life,’ Ashley Chiappano of Garden State Equality told News12.


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