ADDED ON: 04/25/2019

New IRA claims responsibility Northern Ireland lesbian journalist’s death

04/24/2019 | Bay Area Reporter

Members of the New IRA apologized for last week’s killing of prominent lesbian journalist Lyra McKee by one of its volunteer members in a statement to the media Tuesday. McKee was shot in the head April 18 while covering a raid on “dissident republican activity” near a police SUV in Derry (also known as Londonderry). Police arrested a 57-year-old woman in connection with McKee’s shooting April 23 but CNN reported she’s been released. Two young men were arrested and released without charges over the weekend. On the night of the raid, there were some explosions and gunfire. Two cars that were set on fire were captured on video. McKee’s last tweet was a photo of the raid captioned, “Derry tonight. Absolute madness.” Irish politicians are calling for the violence to stop in Northern Ireland and for justice for McKee, 29, who was a rising star as a freelance investigative journalist.


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