ADDED ON: 08/02/2021

New film on gay Indo-Canadians explores the challenges they face

08/01/2021 | Hindustan Times

A new Vancouver-based production house, formed to tell stories of gay Indo-Canadians through the medium of cinema, will soon release its first documentary feature that explores the challenges they face when it comes to acceptance within the community. The unit Sher Films, spawned by Sher Vancouver, a pioneering gay-oriented charity focused on support and counselling for gay Indo-Canadians, has wrapped Emergence: Out of the Shadows, its debut feature-length documentary, that is expected to be screened at several film festivals in the weeks ahead. Sher Vancouver’s founder Alex Sangha, who has roots near Jalandhar in Punjab, is also the producer of Emergence. He said, “We realised the impact filmmaking can have. It’s another way of doing social work, you can really effect change.” In fact, he said the Indo-Canadian gay experience was an “underrepresented film genre” with “such a limited availability of content on this subject matter” and they hoped to play a role in “filling in and adding to the body of work”.


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