ADDED ON: 09/03/2019

New campaign raises awareness of dangers faced by LGBTQ people in UK immigration detention

08/03/2019 | Gay Times

UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group have launched an important new campaign.
The organisation’s first national social media campaign #LendYourVoice aims to raise awareness around the discrimination and danger that LGBTQ people currently face in UK detention centres. As it stands, the UK is the only country in Europe to not have a time limit on how long people can be kept in detention, meaning LGBTQ people fleeing persecution are locked up for indefinite periods where they can face bullying, abuse and harassment. The UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group have teamed up with a number of celebrities and influencers who share stories of LGBTQ people who have been held within the UK immigration detention system. Great British Bake Off star Rav Bansal, author Juno Dawson, comedian James Barr, model and activist Jamie Windust, and singer and performer Toya Delazy are just a few of the names involved.


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