ADDED ON: 10/05/2021

New Campaign ‘Proud AF’ Aims To Tackle Racism Among Gay, Bisexual And Transgender Men In Ireland

10/04/2021 | Spin Southwest

The Gay Project has launched a new campaign “#ProudAF”, aimed at reducing racism towards gay, bisexual and trans (GBTQI+) people of colour and travellers and in Ireland. The campaign hopes to address the barriers to inclusion that men of colour and travellers face within the queer community, through experience sharing and increased visibility across the country. The high profile advertising campaign launching today features community activist and art director Pradeep Mahadeshwar, drag queen Viola Gayvis, law student and asylum rights advocate Bulelani Mfaco, TikTok star and mental health advocate Darren Collins, and Delroy Mpofu, who has just begun his studies at UCD.


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