ADDED ON: 01/09/2019

New asylum policy has big ramifications for Nogales, Sonora

01/07/2019 | Nogales International

Four months after fleeing their home in El Salvador, the six members of the Meneses family arrived in Nogales, Sonora on Dec. 25 with documents ready to ask for asylum in the United States. After his family was targeted by anti-LGBT groups in their home country, 27-year-old Javier Meneses said, he found the help of a Los Angeles-based organization called El Rescate, which has since guided him, his parents, wife and sisters through the legal processes to be able to make their asylum cases. “One day they kidnapped my sister, but she managed to escape and that’s when we decided to come here,” Meneses said while sitting with his father and wife at the Nogales, Sonora “comedor” (soup kitchen) run by the Kino Border Initiative. “Now we’re number 706 in line to ask for asylum and last time I checked they were at number 690.”


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