ADDED ON: 11/20/2021

New action plans supporting Roma and Egyptians and LGBTI adopted by Albanian government

11/19/21 | Council of Europe

The adaption of the National Action Plans for Roma and Egyptian minorities (2021-2025) and for the LGBTI community (2021-2027) affirms the Albanian Government’s commitment to further advance the respective agendas in compliance with the European standards and values. The European Union and the Council of Europe supported the respective domestic authorities in carrying out comprehensive analysis and inclusive series of consultations with the respective communities, in the drafting of the new Action Plans. The National Action Plan on Roma and Egyptians is aligned to the EU Roma Strategic Framework 2020-2030 and introduces a new policy area on combatting antigypsism. This will directly contribute to more inclusive policies and further integration of Roma and Egyptians in Albania. In the same line, the new LGBTI action plan will continue the work of the past four years, while having a targeted approach based on the specific needs of the Albanian LGBTI community which was also hard hit by the Covid crisis. It also has a specific focus on the effective delivery of services and promoting LGBTI human rights across the country.


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