ADDED ON: 04/23/2020

Netflix’s ‘A Secret Love’ Traces Lesbian Couple’s Unlikely Romance Across 6 Decades

04/22/2020 | HuffPost

After years of keeping their relationship under wraps, Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel are getting candid. A new Netflix documentary, “A Secret Love,” explores the couple’s powerful and heartwarming story. Produced by Ryan Murphy, the film highlights the evolution of LGBTQ rights since the women first met in 1947 through the present day, as they are settling into a retirement facility. At the time of their first meeting, Donahue played catcher in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Many will be familiar with the women’s league from the 1992 movie “A League of Their Own,” starring Geena Davis and Madonna. “We always wore dresses, makeup,” Donahue explains in the trailer, viewable above. “The whole thing. Anybody who was not gay, they simply didn’t know.” Having grown up in a conservative family, Henschel believed she’d be forced to spend her adult years “living a lie.”


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