ADDED ON: 12/25/2022

Netanyahu’s Far-right Allies: Doctors Could Refuse Treatment on Religious Grounds, Hotels Can Refuse LGBT Guests

12/24/2022 | Ha'aretz

Religious Zionism party lawmaker Orit Strock said on Sunday that a doctor shouldn’t be forced to provide treatment that contradicts his religious beliefs, “as long as there are other doctors who can provide the same service.” Speaking to Israeli public radio Kan, she added that she “cannot fathom the thought that the Halakhic law will be seen as a discrimination on religious grounds in the Jewish state we established after two thousand years of exile and self-sacrifice.” In the coalition agreement reached last week between the Likud and United Torah Judaism parties, it was determined that private businesses could refuse to provide a service due to the seller’s religious beliefs, as long as an alternative can be acquired in geographical proximity at a similar price.


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