ADDED ON: 02/23/2021

Netanyahu, long a supporter of LGBTQ rights, courts homophobes and racists in bid to cling to power

02/22/2021 | CNN

Tel Aviv, Israel (CNN)On the smorgasbord of Israeli politics there’s a democratic advantage in offering something for everyone. But when elections here are finely balanced, voters are finding they may have to swallow some of the weird yucky dishes at the end of the table. For the traditional Israeli supporter of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the electoral meal he now offers includes medieval fare — dishes bitter with racism and homophobia. But for the Likud, under Netanyahu, this seems to be a meal its members are prepared to consume out of political desperation. In the past the party, and its leader, have championed LGBTQ rights. Its Knesset members have also walked out of the chamber when racist politicians on the extreme right have taken the floor.


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