ADDED ON: 02/06/2023

‘Nervous’ couple makes history as India’s first-ever trans parents to be: ‘We’re about to realise my dream’

02/25/2023 | Pink News

A trans couple in India has made history by announcing they are expecting their first child. Trans woman and dancer Ziya Paval announced on Instagram that her partner, trans man Zahhad, is eight months pregnant and would likely welcome their child sometime in the coming month. In the post, she wrote: “We are about to realise my dream of becoming a mother and his dream of becoming a father. “From what we came to know, this is the first trans man’s pregnancy in India.” The trans parents of southern Kerala, who have reportedly been together for three years, halted hormone therapy after meeting each other to try for a baby. Once the child has been born, they confirmed that they would continue to medically transition. “When we started to live together three years ago, we thought our lives should be different from transgenders,” Ziya told the Indian Express.


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