ADDED ON: 06/30/2019

Nepal holds first Pride parade in Kathmandu

06/29/2019 | Pink News

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Kathmandu on Saturday (June 29) as Nepal held its first every Pride parade. According to local media, Nepal has celebrated the LGBT+ community with marches and parades since 2002, however, this event marks the first time such an occasion has been put on during Pride season. The parade was organised by the Queer Youth Group (QYG) and the Queer Rights Collective alongside other LGBT+ groups within the country that helped raise funds. An annual Pride march, organised by the Blue Diamond Society, is held during the festival of Gaijatra in Nepal. Gaijatra commemorates the lives of the recently deceased and is celebrated with a flamboyant festival where family members dress in extravagant costumes and makeup and take to the streets.


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