ADDED ON: 07/06/2018

Neo-Nazis In Sweden Allegedly Attacked People Supporting Israel And LGBT Rights

07/05/2018 | BuzzFeed

Members of a neo-Nazi group were allegedly involved in two separate incidents in Sweden this week, reportedly attacking LGBT rights supporters and a member of the Sweden–Israel Friendship Association. The men accused of the assaults are members of the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM), a self-identified National Socialist political party that is campaigning on an anti-immigrant platform ahead of September’s elections. Though the group has been around for about 20 years, it has recently reported a surge in membership. The first incident occurred Wednesday night during the Almedalen festival, a political gathering in the Swedish city of Visby that draws participants from across the country. Three women said that they were assaulted by NRM members after they confronted a group of them by holding up a rainbow flag.


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