ADDED ON: 08/25/2020

Neither boy nor girl, it’s ‘not a sin sweetheart’

08/24/2020 | Times of India

THRISSUR: A lullaby album for an intersex child, authored by transgender poet Vijayaraja Mallika, has gone viral on social media. “Shaapamalla, papamalla, omane nee, ente jeevithathil vannudhicha bhagyatharam, aadyatharam nee (not a curse or sin, my sweetheart, you are my lucky star, you are my very first star),” the mother in the song assures the baby. Karimbhuzha Radha rendered music to the lyrics while Shini Avanthika gave voice to them. According to Mallika, other versions of the lullaby sung by Nilambur Sunilkumar and Karimbhuzha Radha will be included in subsequent editions. The poet wishes the child to separate good and evil, grow beyond the boxes drawn by others and bloom. “Makanalla, makalalla, maariville, marodu cherkunnu njan ninne… (Oh my rainbow, You are not son or daughter, hold on to my chest),” it adds.


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