ADDED ON: 08/17/2019

Native American Tribes Are Wrestling With Decision To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

08/16/2019 | NPR

While across the U.S. same-sex marriage has been legal for four years, some Native American tribes still fail to recognize it. Tribes are empowered to make their own laws, and some are just now wrestling with new rights. Chynna Lockett of South Dakota Public Broadcasting says the Oglala Lakota tribe is the latest to legalize same-sex marriage. There are more than 550 tribes in the U.S. And while hard data is difficult to find, only a handful have legalized same-sex marriage. That’s, in part, because of religious beliefs held by some Native people that contradict same-sex marriage. In Rapid City, Monique, or Muffie Mousseau and her wife, Felipa Deleon, are cutting out LGBT pride stickers in their living room. Mousseau points out a red flag with white triangles that form a circle. It’s the Oglala Lakota tribe’s flag.


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