ADDED ON: 07/20/2018

Nationwide Strike Set for Sunday to Protest Exclusion of Gay Couples

07/19/2018 | Jerusalem Post

Thousands of people are expected to join a nationwide strike Sunday to protest the law passed Wednesday that denies state-supported surrogacy to homosexual couples and single men. The bill expanded eligibility for state-funded surrogacy to include single women rather than only married heterosexual couples, as it had previously done. But it stopped there, generating uproar among the LGBT community and its supporters. “Now is our turn to say no,” the Aguda – Israel’s LGBT Task Force – wrote in a Facebook post. “The gay community is going on strike! Lesbian women cannot register their children, transgender people are getting stabbed in the street, youths are experiencing LGBT-phobia in educational frameworks, the Knesset passes laws against equality – we will not continue our lives as usual, we will not allow bullying against the transgender community, the youths of the LGBT community and its members in the peripheries.


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