ADDED ON: 08/31/2020

Nationalists fought with participants of the LGBT festival in Odessa

08/30/2020 | Pledge Times

As noted by law enforcement officers, opponents of the LGBT movement sprayed gas in the crowd and pelted the activists with eggs. The perpetrators also shouted obscene nationalist slogans. As a result of the fight, 16 people were detained. Two police officers were hospitalized. On the official page of the Odessa Pride 2020 movement in Facebook the activists were reportedly attacked by representatives of the Tradition and Order group. It was also noted in the recording that the action on Primorsky Boulevard was peaceful, the event was announced in advance. Ten minutes after the start, opponents of the LGBT community attacked the demonstrators and sprayed them with pepper spray. Some of the participants, according to the group, had to be hospitalized. “There was no such level of aggression and impunity in previous years. We call on the National Police of Ukraine to prosecute those responsible for the attack on peaceful demonstrators and to take action on Tradition and Order for hatred and incitement to violence, ”the group members called.


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