ADDED ON: 02/24/2023

Namibia: Attorney General defends homosexuality ban

02/23/2023 | The South African

Festus Mbandeka, the Attorney General of Namibia, has described homosexuality as “unacceptable” and “immoral” in a bid to uphold the country’s discriminatory ban on same-sex sexuality. Mbandeka made the statement in an affidavit submitted to the Windhoek High Court in response to a case lodged by activist Friedel Dausab challenging the constitutionality of the law criminalising sodomy. “For many Namibians, homosexual conduct is immoral and unacceptable. I deny that the mere existence of the sodomy law promotes the stigmatisation of gay men,” Mbandeka asserted, reported The Namibia. “If these men suffer any stigma it is in consequence of their choice to engage in sexual conduct considered to be morally taboo in our society,” he added.


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