ADDED ON: 12/29/2020

My two daddies: Row rages in Latvia over LGBT-friendly children’s books as critics blast initiative ‘imposed by EU elites’

12/27/2020 | RT

For modern liberals, they are an important step in normalizing different kinds of families. But for others, children’s books depicting gay parents are an attack on traditional values. That’s the debate now playing out in Latvia. On Saturday, local media in the Baltic state reported that a complaint had been formally lodged with authorities over a new illustrated volume entitled ‘Time To Go To Sleep.’ After buying the children’s book, one woman said she was “unpleasantly surprised” to find “a story about a girl with two dads. I think it’s absurd to sell something like that.” Sandris Tocs, a Latvian publicist, took to social media to ask how “we can want to be part of the EU, and turn a blind eye to this?” He suggested that recent drives for greater LGBT+ rights came from the bloc’s “elite,” and that it was unwanted by “most people.” Not everyone in Latvia echoes those sentiments, however, with press there quoting one online commenter as saying, “oh, no! The child will find out that there are different types of families in the world! And that it is normal to love anyone, regardless of their gender. What can we do now?” Latvia currently has among the most limited provisions for LGBT+ people in the EU, and marriage is not legal for same-sex couples. Adoption is also limited to couples in a heterosexual union and to single people. As a result, the circumstances in ‘Time To Go To Sleep’ are not possible under current Latvian law.


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