ADDED ON: 02/11/2020

My School Gets Abuse For Supporting LGBT Groups. But We Won’t Back Down

02/10/2020 | HuffPost UK

This month my school, Woodside High School, will be the first in London to get a permanent rainbow crossing. We are delighted about it – but we also know it is likely to be a matter of days before it is vandalised. We are very open about our stance on equality and diversity. This month, for LGBT History Month, we have a rainbow flag flying high for all to see, and had you visited us during Black History Month, you would have seen one celebrating that flying also. We do a great deal throughout the year challenging the stigma around mental health, celebrating Gypsy, Roma and Traveller history, disability history, commemorating the Holocaust, marking anti-bullying week and so much more. Our students speak openly and courageously about the importance of challenging prejudice in all its forms. However, despite all of this, the topic we get the most amount of pushback on is the topic of LGBTQI+. Last year when our student equality group put up the rainbow flag for the first time, we had members of public complaining to the school – people who do not have children attending Woodside nor, in some cases, people who even lived in the UK, felt they ought to comment upon it.


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