ADDED ON: 10/17/2018

Muslim Grand Mufti Attacks Gay Teachers Saying They ‘Suffer from a Mental Illness’ and ‘Contradict Nature’

10/15/2018 | Daily Mail

Australia’s most senior Muslim cleric has claimed gay teachers ‘contradict nature’ and suffer from ‘mental illness’. Sheikh Taj El-Din Hilaly made the claims as he weighed into the debate about whether religious schools should have the right to exclude homosexual teachers because they did not reflect school values. Sheikh Hilaly backed moves to support such religious freedom and said same-sex-attracted teachers should ‘not impose their lifestyle on the rest of society’. The controversial Sunni Muslim leader, who in 2006 described immodestly dressed women as ‘uncovered meat’, told The Australian through a translator, schools should not be ‘a club for those seeking to satisfy their desires’.


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