ADDED ON: 08/16/2019

Mumbai: LGBT people raise clamour for gender-neutral laws

08/16/2019 | DNA

Two city youths have decided to take the next step in the assertion of LGBT rights and have more queer-friendly laws in the country. To enable their quest, Shrushti Mane and Varun Sardesai have started an online petition which has been uploaded on The petition calls for inclusivity in laws for protection of the community. Shrushti Mane, founder of LGBT Mumbai, one of the most notable pages on Instagram, and Varun Sardesai aim to make the constitution of India more inclusive and more reliable for the LGBTQA+ community. At present, there are no specific laws in the constitution for protection against sexual harassment for transgender individuals and other non-binary genders. The petition seeks for the gender-neutral laws, creation of zero-tolerance policies against the community at work, educational institutes and in public spaces and also, protection of LGBTQA individuals. It also demands a 24x7x365 suicide hot line to be provided by the government.


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