ADDED ON: 06/05/2019

Most of Spain’s LGBT community still closeted at work

06/04/2019 | Progressive Spain

A new study carried out by some of Spain’s leading corporations has found that 62 percent of LGBT people in Spain say they do not openly discuss or demonstrate their sexuality at work, while 20 percent say they believe equality of opportunity for LGBT people in the workplace in Spain does not exist. The report, titled La Diversidad LGTB en el contexto laboral en España (‘LGBT Diversity Within Spain’s Labour Context’), surveyed a representative random sampling of LGBT people across Spain and was conducted by researchers at Madrid’s Complutense University at the behest of Banco Santander, insurer AXA, Grand, Nationale-Nederlanden Bank, Telefónica and the Center for Diversity of IE Business Schools. The survey found that only 38 percent of those surveyed said they were completely “out of the closet” at work with regard to their sexuality, even though nearly 60 percent of the same respondents said that while away from their work environment they were completely open about their sexuality both in private and in public.


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