ADDED ON: 11/21/2021

Montana state lawmaker says LGBTQ+ people attacked is their fault

11/20/21 | Los Angeles Blade

A Montana state senator member of far-right group that launched an effort to support a real estate agent and pastor of a local church in Clinton threatened with expulsion from the Missoula Organization of Realtors, told a crowd of supporters this past Wednesday night that LGBTQ+ people are responsible for the hate and extremism directed at them. State Senator Theresa Manzella (R-Hamilton) is part of the “God, Country, Family” tour stopping in six major municipalities around the state in support of Clinton Community Church’s lead pastor, Brandon Huber. Manzella told the crowd gathered in Clinton that members of the LGBTQ community like to “play the protected class card,” because queer couples in general have expressed that they’re scared to walk down the street holding hands in fear of possible violence against them for their sexuality, the Missoulian newspaper’s education reporter Skylar Rispens reported. “I’ve got to tell you, I think those are normal consequences associated with the choices they made,” she said. Others in the group include Pastor Jordan “JD” Hall, who founded the Montana Daily Gazette, an extremist right-wing publication that is opposed to coronavirus vaccination mandates, women’s reproductive rights, and LGBTQ+ equality among other issues that conservative activists challenge. The Wednesday night event focused solely on “the LGBTQ agenda.”


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