ADDED ON: 03/25/2020

Mogadishu’s refugees ‘waiting for death’ as Covid-19 reaches Somalia

03/24/2020 | The Guardian

In the Nabadoon camp on the outskirts of Mogadishu, Asho Abdullahi Hassan, a 40-year-old mother of seven, has heard about the coronavirus on the radio. “I am very scared about this deadly virus. I only heard about it from the news. It is like we are waiting for death to come,” she says. The camp hosts about 3,000 families, most recently displaced from Somalia’s Lower Shabelle region following an intensification of fighting and US airstrikes. Many refugees and displaced people live in villages or cities, not in camps. These include some vulnerable communities. Across Africa, LGBT men and women face discrimination and may be reluctant to seek medical help or inform the authorities about infection. In most African countries gay sex is illegal and potentially punished by long prison sentences, or even death.


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