ADDED ON: 08/30/2018

Minor Prosecuted Under Russia’s Propaganda Laws Wins Separate Appeal on ‘Gays or Putin’ Protest

08/29/2018 | INTO

As Maxim Neverov awaits appeal over his prosecution under Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws, he has already taken one major step toward justice. Last week the 16-year-old learned an appeals court in Altai Krai — a district in southern Russia bordering on Kazakhstan — struck down an earlier decision preventing Neverov from organizing LGBTQ-related events in the town of Biysk. Earlier this year Neverov staged a performance he called “Gays or Putin.” The high school student filed petitions to hold 12 separate events, one of which included staging the city’s first-ever Pride parade. In a phone conversation, he told INTO the action was intended as a demonstration of the “political climate” in Russia.


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