ADDED ON: 09/28/2018

Minister for Africa Announces Vital Funding for LGBT Inclusion

09/28/2018 | Gov.UK

Although the UK leads the way in much of its LGBT legislation and policies, there is still more to do. At the Commonwealth Summit earlier this year, the Prime Minister Theresa May, expressed her deep regret for the UK’s past role in introducing laws in Commonwealth nations which criminalized same-sex relations, and for the legacy of discrimination and violence that persists today. To continue addressing these historic wrongs, and to drive positive change, Minister Baldwin pledged that the UK government would invest more support through UK Aid Connect, to promote global LGBT inclusion. Speaking at the Violence against LGBTI Individuals UNGA event, Minister Harriett Baldwin said: “We have all come together as nations with a shared vision of a better future for LGBTI people everywhere.”


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