ADDED ON: 08/25/2020

‘Mi Hazánk’ Wants Referendum to Ban Display of ‘Satanic’ LGBTQ Flags in Public Institutions & ‘Homosexual Propaganda’ in Schools

08/24/2020 | Hungary Today

Although the parade had been canceled, tensions around this year’s Pride Week haven’t dissipated. At the latest event, far-right Mi Hazánk party announced they would initiate a referendum in order to ban the “gender propaganda” in schools. Meanwhile, an opposition mayor asked for empathy before using ‘that’ ladder, and the Budapest Mayor sided once again with the LGBTQ community. At the leadership election congress of the party, Mi Hazánk’s re-elected leader, László Toroczkai said that they should continue to take firm action against the “violent, deviant” homosexual propaganda backed by “international background forces.” In his view, this propaganda has by now reached Hungary with the placement of the symbol of this “satanic grouping” in public institutions. Moreover, instead of taking action, Fidesz rather chose to be a “pseudo-national party,” Toroczkai claimed, which resulted in the “harassment, evoking the 50s” of Mi Hazánk vice-president Előd Novák, who removed the rainbow flags from certain public buildings.


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