ADDED ON: 07/04/2018

Mexico’s President-elect Cites LGBT Community in Victory Speech

07/03/2018 | Gay Sonoma

Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Sunday became Mexico’s first leftist president in decades, winning in a landslide victory with more than 50 percent of the vote.López Obrador — commonly known by his initials AMLO — has a long history in politics. He was Mexico City’s mayor from 2000 to 2005, and he ran (and lost) in the two previous presidential elections. His win represents a clear rejection of the status quo and political establishment and a desire for widespread change. López Obrador has already begun breaking from previous presidents; in his Sunday victory speech, he said, “the state will represent all Mexicans…from all points of view and sexual preferences.” According to Karolyna Pollorena, an LGBT activist in Mexicali, López Obrador is the first president-elect in the country’s history to specifically mention the LGBTI community in his victory speech. She also said López Obrador will have a more diverse cabinet than previous administrations and more progressive representatives across various government sectors.


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