ADDED ON: 12/12/2019

Mexico’s president condemns LGBT+ hate crimes after painting row

12/11/2019 | Reuters

Mexico’s president on Wednesday condemned hate crimes against LGBT+ people after a row over a painting of revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata naked but for a pink sombrero, high heels and a ribbon led to an apparent attack on LGBT+ activists. Protestors stormed a national art gallery where the painting was on display on Tuesday to call for its removal, and videos posted on social media appeared to show physical attacks on members of LGBT+ rights groups. Asked about the incident on Wednesday, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador urged respect and tolerance, though he did not rule out the painting being removed. “There shouldn’t be hate crimes, I condemn it with all my soul, we don’t accept that,” Lopez Obrador told a news conference. “We have to be respectful, not just tolerant, be respectful of all expressions, of thought, of sexual diversity.”


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