ADDED ON: 12/31/2021

Mexico: Six Flags amusement park drops PDA ban

12/31/21 | Deutsche Welle (DW)

The Six Flags amusement park in Mexico City has decided to drop a ban on “affectionate behavior” on its grounds. It comes after criticism members of the LGBTQ community were singled out for kissing while in line for a ride. Two visitors were taken out of the line and surrounded by security guards in an incident that took place on Wednesday. They were not expelled from the park. “In an effort to maintain a family atmosphere, Six Flags had maintained a policy of discouraging visitors from being overly affectionate while visiting the park,” the park said in a statement on Twitter. The statement added that the policy applied to all visitors, “regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.” But a witness wrote that heterosexual couples that were kissing in the same area weren’t singled out like the gay couple.


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