ADDED ON: 05/18/2022

Mexico seeks to bring those excluded due to LGBT-phobia into labor force.

05/17/2022 | La Prensa Latina

In a country where discrimination prevails despite legal advances, Contrata LGBTIQ has become one of the first Mexican initiatives to integrate the LGBT community, including migrants, into the labor force. One case is that of Leonardo Martinez, 27 – who left his home because of the social exclusion he suffered due to his sexual orientation – came to Casa Frida, the LGBT shelter that operates the program, seeking a community that would support and welcome him. “I came from a complicated home situation. My coming out of the closet, several difficult situations there. I came here and they opened the doors for me,” Leonardo said in an interview with EFE at Casa Frida, located in the municipality of Iztapalapa, in eastern Mexico City.


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